Thursday, April 18, 2019

Conceive 4.182019

Lyrical Inflection Influence Efficiency Correlation

Its what I've been
waiting for
Moody blues - Watching and waiting
what I been thinking about Reuben, Ruben (I've been thinking)/ thinking Man Statue
what I been working on my whole life
Muddy Waters - mojo working - Working on the Railroad
crying for the moon Izzy Buzu - talking to you/ Bob Dylan / Pink Floyd - Crazy Diamond
ahahahahahah Ramblin Jack Elliot
what I read - what I done Linking Park -what I've done
what I said - what I sung Coco Jones - What I said
that I been and where I gone for you Song of the Aisors - Gurdjieff
We've got to let love rule Lenny Kravitz
well, I've been breaking through Jim Morrison
I've been waking up to Imagine Dragons
its where were headed toward Traveling Wilburys - Heading for the light
all been searching for Anni Lennox - Sweet Dreams  / Lynrd
oh, been running down this dream for a
long time
Tom Petty
walking down the line Johnny Cash
on the road again Willie Nelson - Bob Seger 
Here I am living my life Bob Seger - Deerhunter
There you go on living your life Bob Seger - Kris Kristofferson - T.I ft Rihanna
i been staring at the sun U2
when you look in you can see Mariah Carey - Looking In
through the trees to my pantry Low Shoulder - Through the Trees - Pantry Lyle Lovett
where I sit and whittle on the song Someone's in the Kitchen with Dinah (working on the railroad) - Cohen -
tower of song
(whistle) axel rose - guns and roses
answers blowing in the wind Bob Dylan
saw the sign, on the edge i'm livin Ace of Base - Aerosmith
oh won't you let me lend a hand to you Dr. Hook - Shel Siverstein - Making it Natural
been seen stumbling and bleed Pink floyd - outside the wall - Bible
falling on my knees William McDowell / Like a Prayer Madonna / Ani Difranco - Self Evident
sailing on the seas  Anni Lennox - Sweet dreams
oh following the bliss Joseph Campbell
got all I need in this kiss Beatles - Prince
good lovein through all space and time The rascals - Prince - Lenny Kravitz - Highwayman
will you see whats happening to me Chi Coltrane - whats happening to me - Greateful Dead - Touch of Grey
will they know whats happening to me Hermans Hermits - Something is Happening
yeah Yeah - Usher - weird al - hardware store - bobby mcferrin - paper music
song 9
eeyahhhhhhhaaaaa Earth Quake Jones - Tuvan - Tibetain - Sid Berret - If Its In You - Live
I've been touched by ecstasy Elivs - He Touched me
for I know I can achieve Journey - Black Uhuru
all is inside me All of me - Ella Frizgerald - Whitney Houston - Greatest Love of All
this I can now let be Beatles 
I'm Free Kris Kristoferson - Bobbee Mcgee - Marlo Thomas free to be you and me -
everything there is I can see The Who - I can See for Miles
everything there is I conceive Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Dreams we Concieve
to by light Light - John Milton
the galaxy is like Galaxy Song - Monty Python
lays inside of might Inside out - Traveling Wilburys - Widespread Panic - Casa Del Grillo
luring you around your life Landside - Fleetwood Mac - Jimmy Durante - once to every heart
Exceeding my mind (Nobody's fault but
Led Zepplin - Nobody's Fault but mine -
Chi Coltrane - bob dylan

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