Monday, July 10, 2017


We are at the edge looking over the known yet been done. Top down is not directly referring to the Pope but the immediate involusion of which evolution is drawing towards. The temporary container of this instant in your view feels the solution. It is in you to speak and act of in this space, to exemplify the era that you make your own outfit. Of what you select to identify with, to see, it is your continuity of personified light meshing perfectly in the line of a coupled momentum, the internalized extraction of exterior actualized intention running in parallel of the collectives. The light Chrystal catalyst are now calling this time line jumping. They are selecting a favorable tragectory out of visionary potential possible probability sequencially aligning across the grid of acknowledged truth and agreement. I drove though a flock of birds today, as they split to accommodate the shape and slope of the dynamics of my vehicle not one was injured or the least bit concerned as I. Still they instantaneously resumed a course I could not at all comprehend or explain. I will speak with the Pope about this when she is ready, for insight into the entangled angelic synchronicity of these birds on north bound highway 69.